Job Opening: Administrative Assistant

Mirinesse Women’s Choir seeks an Administrative Assistant. This person will work most closely with the Artistic Director and will also engage with other choir members as needed. An ideal candidate will be organized and flexible, and will have solid communication skills.

The Administrative Assistant position is:

  • Part-time, estimated 150 hours over the course of a season, providing support for planning and preparation, rehearsing, and performing

  • Salaried at $350 per month, for a total of $3,150-3,500 per year, depending on whether the job is active for 9 or 10 months of the year

  • Employed by Mirinesse Women’s Choir, wages subject to payroll taxes

  • Supervised by the Artistic Director, with performance reviewed by both the Artistic Director and the board

Duties may include and are not necessarily limited to:

  • Communicating with singers regarding their participation in the upcoming season

  • Creating and maintaining the singer list for the current season and keeping historical records of singer participation in previous seasons

  • Collaborating with the Artistic Director to establish rehearsal and performance calendar and concert locations

  • Working with rehearsal and concert venues regarding contracts, deposits, access, etc.

  • Working with the board regarding kick-off rehearsal logistics and registrations

  • Arriving 30 minutes before rehearsals to set up the room, soliciting volunteers to assist as needed

  • Maintaining singer rehearsal attendance records

  • Providing information for singer newsletters and website, as needed

  • Creating a concert production schedule for the season, including deadlines

  • Coordinating publicity

  • Coordinating printing and pick up of posters and programs

  • Working with Volunteer Coordinator for performances to insure adequate staffing

  • Attending board meetings and reporting activities to the board, as needed

As this is a new position in our organization, we look forward to working with someone who will help us shape this position for the future of Mirinesse Women’s Choir. Choir members are encouraged to apply.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to the Mirinesse Board at