Our Mission

Mirinesse Women's Choir connects singers to each other and our audience through the choral art.

Our Vision

Mirinesse Women's Choir envisions a culture that broadly supports choral arts and promotes the social, emotional and physical benefits of the shared choral experience.

Their sound is pristine, strong, utterly secure . . . an ensemble that delivers solid, soaring goods with a venturesome repertoire.
— Seattle Times

Mirinesse is Old English for “joyful women”.  Since 2006, Mirinesse has thrilled audiences in Seattle and around northwest Washington with its beautiful sound and facility with difficult repertoire.  The singers of Mirinesse Women’s Choir are an auditioned group of approximately sixty women, ages 21-70+, who enthusiastically and joyfully share their love of music, and strive to model the highest level of musicianship, artistry and individual vocal ability. To that end, co-conductors Rebecca Rottsolk and Beth Ann Bonnecroy seek out challenging and diverse repertoire from historic and contemporary sources throughout the world. That high-level repertoire then becomes the vehicle for education in performance practice, cultural context, language and understanding of text, musicianship and vocal technique.

Mirinesse is an organization in which each person’s talents and abilities are recognized and valued, but where all are also challenged to learn and grow as singers and musicians. Each singer’s healthy vocal technique is key in achieving beauty, flexibility and accuracy in the choral sound. Teaching, modeling and encouraging vocal health is a high priority beginning with the assignment of parts and placement of singers, and continuing during the rehearsal process and throughout performances. Under the inspiring leadership of Rebecca and Beth Ann, each singer is empowered to contribute her ability and knowledge to the collective creation of a rich musical experience.

Mirinesse prepares one concert program annually.  Auditions are held in September, music is introduced in October, rehearsals in January and February culminating in 4-6 concerts in March and April.  Although a young organization, Mirinesse has received the high honor of invitational performances at the American Choral Directors Association 2009 national conference and regional conference in 2012.  Also in 2012, Mirinesse travelled to Vancouver BC  for the Tapestry Women’s Choir Festival.

 Through its uplifting and engaging performances, Mirinesse introduces audience members to diverse repertoire by composers old and new, performance practice from other times, countries and cultures, and innovative musical techniques. At the same time, Mirinesse educates audiences in the beautiful sound of healthy, classically-trained, adult women’s voices. Together, the conductors and singers of Mirinesse strive to create an environment that enlivens the role of women’s choral music in our society, refreshing the spirits and capturing the imaginations of singers and audiences alike.